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Buy a Nintendo Wii on Ebay

This is one of our extra Nintendo Wii’s that we decided to list for sale on eBay for $250 (no reserve). It comes with an extra controller and nunchuck and is brand new. At that price it’s a steal.

Hurry, the listing ends soon:

Wii for Sale

In: Wii Deals — June 14, 2007

Elebits Bites

Maybe children under the age of 7 might enjoy this game, but it’s definitely not for me. I knew the game was intended for kids, but I thought it might be fun to seek out hiding Elebits and trash the room in the process. Unfortunately, hide-and-seek isn’t as fun as it used to be. The numb-chuck is used along with the Wii remote to maneuver thru rooms. The camera perspectives made me sick. No other game has made me feel so crappy, figuratively and literally. Game play is awkward and boring. See for yourself…

Multi-player is just completing the same games over again, but with up to 4 people playing at once. Maybe I wouldn’t dislike it so much if it didn’t make me physically ill, but I don’t know. It’s going back to Gamefly tomorrow.

In: Wii Games — April 17, 2007

My Mii Manager

If you were disappointed by the lack of options available when making your very own Mii, you’re not alone. My Mii Manager from Datel, allows you to edit and create Mii’s on your PC.


There are new options available in My Mii Manager not found on the Wii such as: new hairstyles, hats and even clothes. All you need to do is buy the software ($19.99) and download your Mii from the Wii to your home computer. My Mii Manager also comes with a USB Bluetooth receiver which allows you to use your Wii remote with your computer. I’m not sure how the new Mii’s work when you transfer them back onto your Wii, but the idea is nice. If anyone out there has My Mii Manager or knows anything else about how it works, let us know!

In: Wii News — April 12, 2007

Wii make some beautiful Music

According to recently obtained information from Nintendo of Greece(who knew?), the Wii is expected to be seeing some new titles for just about everybody.

The first is Wii Music. Similar to the tech demo shown at last years E3, players can expect to conduct an Orchestra and make some amazing symphonies. The level of detail goes to each individual instrument being played, so the song will sound just as well as you conduct! Songs can be shared most likely through Wifi connect. Though it looks as to be an orchestral game for now, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were to include other types of music so you can create any type of song.

The next is whats being called Health Pack, which is just what it sounds like, a game meant to be played for health purposes.Included will be a simple exercise to help you out in your everyday life, sorta like Brain Age for the body. However, it will also include another feature, the ability to connect and communicate with real world hospitals through a most likely future Wii Channel. The data will be sent and received regularly throughout the day to constantly update status.

Both of these games are set to be released by the end of the year 2007.

In: Wii News — April 11, 2007

The Ev-Wii-where Challenge powered by MyOpera

I’m always looking for fun and creative challenges- especially ones involving the Wii and nice prizes. Opera wants people to find the word Wii (or create it) in public places and take a picture to submit to MyOpera blog.  You can get the details here.  Until Wii Nation has their own competition (coming soon!), have fun with this Ev-Wii-where Challenge.


In: Wii News — April 11, 2007

Rayman Raving Rabbids

Other than being hard to pronounce, Rayman Raving Rabbids is a pretty cool game. Since the game has been out for a while, I’m going to skip the usual review and break down what I liked and disliked about the game.


1) There’s a huge selection of mini games to play, ranging from really fun to really creepy (see video).

2) Many of the games within score mode are unlockable which makes the game longer and keeps it interesting.

3) You can design your own character by mixing up outfits and accessories in score mode.

4) Although I usually don’t like using the nunchuck attachment, the games where you do use it are actually fun.

5) The music is fun and the Rabbids are insane to watch and play along with.


1) Some of the mini games are a little too long. An example of this is in score mode, you must wait for each player to finish certain games lasting over a minute, a tad too long in multi-player mode.

2) You are unable to play against your opponents at the same time during score mode, with certain games.

In: Wii Games — April 9, 2007

Mario Strikers Charged!

Some new details have emerged about the newest title in the Mario sports series. This time it’s Mario Strikers Charged. A follow up to the Gamecube title, Super Mario Strikers.
The game will be played with just the standard Wii remote, so nothing to worry about if that’s all you have.

The best news about this game though? Online play. This will become the first official online multiplayer game for the Wii in both the US and UK, Japan however beat us to it. But don’t worry, we’ll too get Pokemon.

The details about online play are a bit limited for now, but so far its sounding good:

  • Ranked and Unranked matches
  • Leader boards
  • Friend codes are needed (ugh)
  • 4 player matches, with up to 2 people on the same Wii, which sounds like it could be awesome, you and a friend against two others.
  • Random play is region locked, so no random play with anyone outside the country.

Due out in May across the pond, hopefully it won’t take long to get over here. Looks like a blast to me.

In: Wii Games, Wii News — April 5, 2007

Is Excite Truck for Wii really exciting?

My answer: in the beginning, yes. After a few rounds of play, no.

excite-truck-1_small.jpg excite-truck-2_small.jpg

I wanted to rent Excite Truck because I thought it would be fun to choose different styles of monster trucks to race and smash around visually pleasing courses. The truck options are ok, but the number of tracks are limited. The trucks do seem to be flying at incredible speeds around “real” locations such as Fiji, Canada, and Scotland. Plus I like the fact that you get style points for nice crashes. You begin the game by being forced to go thru some quick training modes. I wouldn’t have gone thru the training if they didn’t make me, but I’m glad I did or I wouldn’t know what I was doing. As you could expect, Excite Truck makes use of the Wii remotes motion sensor capabilities. The remote is held horizontally and players use the remote as a steering wheel. It’s fairly easy to catch on, although it’s very sensitive, so you can’t get too crazy or you’ll be all over the road.


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In: Wii Games — April 4, 2007

Norwegian Cruises and Nintendo Wii Set Sail

On the good ship..lollipops? Nope, even better! Norwegian Cruise Lines announced that it will be the first cruise line to offer guests the pleasure of having the Nintendo Wii aboard. The cruise line has already provided the Wii on all of its NCL America ships including their latest edition, the Norwegian Pearl. By next month, all of Norwegian Cruise Lines ships will be stocked with Nintendo Wiis, giving guests a great alternative to bad comedy shows and people watching.

The Wii will be found entertaining guests in the atrium of each ship, along with other public spaces including ‘kids only’ areas. A variety of games will be available for Wii gamers such as: Wii Sports, Wii Play, Wario Ware: Smooth Moves and Excite Truck. I’m sure Norwegian Cruise lines wants their guests to interact and get to know each other in this fun filled setting, but I have another idea. Find the guy who snores through the walls next to your room and kick his butt in a not- so- friendly game of Wii tennis, sweet revenge!

In: Wii News — March 29, 2007

Which Wii Accessories are Worth Buying?

There seem to be too many flashy Wii accessories out there and in my opinion, most are not needed. I’ve decided to do a run through of which Wii accessories I find cool and somewhat useful and which are simply pointless. Let’s start with The GameStop Sports Pack, this includes sports attachments which are supposed to be helpful when playing Wii Sports, I think not. The pack includes a baseball bat, tennis racket and golf club attachment. Unless you want these accessories for looks, I would not recommend purchasing them. Yea, the pack is only like $20 or so, but its not needed. Maybe these things are made for people that want to look less Wii-tarded when swinging at the TV, ha.

One Wii accessory I do appreciate is the non-slip grips and covers. I think we all know how intense these “games” get, once a competition fires up there is no stopping the ambitious (crazy) competitor in all of us. As things heat up, so do our hands, lets face the facts. In the rare event that our Wii wrist strap fails us, or someone fails to tighten it, hello! The non-slip grip just may save your expensive TV from shattering. Not to mention, the fun colors the non-slip covers and grips are available in, very chic.

In: Wii News — March 28, 2007

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